13 Jun 2013

This Could Hurt Free

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Pain Tour (This Could Hurt Free) "is a adventure game, players to challenge the authority heavy tower defense building, can be said to treacherous. The game uses one-button operation, suitable for all types of players to experience. The game includes four modes, snow and ice, land prairie, strange ruins and underground ghost town will see our protagonist. Avoid rotating blades, traps, Giants and more difficult. Guide your protagonist, choose the right time to stop or move forward. The game has four of the world, each of which contains 10 challenging levels. As the game progresses, the environment will change: be careful not to slip on the ice or hot lava world. Gorgeous visual effects, each level has a beautiful 3D maze, full of death traps, you have to climb, run, jump, flying occasionally have to reach the end. Everything is under your control, collect the hidden gold to unlock various achievements and upgrades, improve blood and shield, speed. Version 1.0.4 Update: straight plate loading


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