10 Jun 2013

Greed Corp HD

Greed Corp HD http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

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Greed Corp HD - a strategy game for Android 2.1, a great turn-based strategy game with colorful 3D-graphics, stunning effects and very high quality traced locations. Main goal of the game to capture as much area on the game map and destroy the opponent. Despite the fact that the problem seems to be the standard in Greed Corp HD have to think through their actions on several moves ahead. You can choose one of four factions: the military empire, industrial cartel, a fraction of Pirates of the Free-traders or people. Work out your strategy, find the most optimal trade-off between the creation of the army and gather resources. At your disposal are the warriors who can constantly improve performance. Everything is in your hands - go to victory. The game allows you to take part in exciting online battles, which can play four players at once

Greed Corp HD http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/


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