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10 Jun 2013

Fluid Football

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Fluid Football - Football apk game for Android 1.5, which is a fascinating strategy game in which you have to make tactical decisions in real time. You will find yourself in the thick of the action and take it over. Series tense game situations will be a test for your strategic skills, and only you can decide how to beat the defense and lead his team to victory. Fascinating tactical scenarios are combined with an elegant and simple control system that allows the team to monitor the actions, drawing runs and passes. Use real football tricks to score goals from set pieces difficult. Each level has been carefully considered by football experts to accurately reproduce the turning points of the match: throw-in, corner and free kicks, followed by magnificent goals. you will be given full tactical freedom: to conduct a series of passes, to play defense, make the transfer - if it can be done on real field, it is possible in Fluid Football.

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