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15 May 2013

Survival Race

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Life and death racing Survival Race HD Wixel Studio development of a racing game. In the game, players not to racing and opponents, but in hot pursuit behind piranha faster than anyone else. May be a little bit slower, will lose their lives. The game story design was quite dramatic, beautiful and fresh green plants, suddenly one day become a monster in cannibalism! The protagonist of the game is the winner of a 30-year-old Saudi roller cars All-Star Salem, and another has successfully cracked the man-eating plant NDA scientists Abu Ahmad, the two people to work together in these bloody Eating Plants, rescued the residents of the protected area, the a treacherous scene and speed passion, the kind of excitement can be imagined. The game mode of operation using the virtual keys by clicking on the appropriate button in the touch screen, players can control the direction of travel of the car. These vehicles can be upgraded to change the performance, so that it can better adapt to the crazy man-eating plants mouth run. Gorgeous scenes, realistic effects, bringing a sense of visual impact, to make the gaming experience more perfect!

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Life and death racing Survival Race HD game screen Xiao Bian think good design, operation is relatively easy, but there is no kind of sense of the impact of the traditional racing game, sound is the need to strengthen.

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