13 Jun 2013

Talking Ginger v1.3

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Late, Xiao Jin Jie is ready to go to bed. He needs to take a bath and blow dry your hair, brush your teeth, and using the toilet. Can you help him? Every time he was ready to sleep, you will unlock a new gold-dream. There are 50 mysterious dream waiting to unlock, make sure you collect all these dreams. Jiny Jie also uses cute kitten voice repeat every word you said, and you scratch him, poke him or touch him to respond. You can also record the sound of Jin Jie, Facebook and YouTube to share with friends, or send them via e-mail or SMS. 

How to play:

 Jin Jie speak, he will repeat what you say. Poke or scratch him. Toilet paper button to start the game. Bath bathing button. Button hair dryer to blow dry the hair. Brushing toothbrush button for his. Toothpaste toothpaste button for more. Press the counter button 2 minute brushing timer. By Tangram button to view you collected all the puzzle. How to get toothpaste: every 24 hours, a wheel of fortune and win a free toothpaste. Subscribe to remind toothbrush and a free toothpaste (19:00 local time, you will receive push notifications). Watch the video, or select one of the other way to win a free toothpaste. Purchase in the game. You can even get an unlimited supply of toothpaste, but no longer need to worry about. Version 1.4.1 updates: 1, can be used to Talking Friends Superstar toys, http://tfsuperstar.com , small defects have been repaired


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