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13 May 2013

warscape alpha

Developers: FUTURE-B Games 

Warscape Alpha. 60 levels of single and multi player Hovertank action!!
Pilot your hover tank and battle your way through 60 levels of enemy filled arenas.
Full cross-platform multiplayer support for up to four players. Online/LAN/Wifi/Mobile. (Multi player is in final BETA testing stages and fully operational)
Pick up new weapons and bonuses during battle to defeat, outrun and confuse your enemy.
Collect Warcoins and Trophies to upgrade and purchase new models of hover tank.
Unlock FPS mode by completing all sectors.
Take your prize hovertanks earned in single player in to battle against multiplayer friends and foe.
Full cross platform mulit player play! Android vs IOS vs Mac vs Windows, at last you can make them pay!
Ongoing support with new levels, enemies and weapons on the way.
The PC and MAC Versions are free when you purchase the android version. Please contact us for download links.
* Game requires a screen resolution of at least 480x800 pixels
** Advanced graphics settings are found in Settings -> Video Settings. If you use a tegra powered device, turn them all on.
*** Virtual joypads are available via Settings menu.
Changelog v1.2 2012.07.31
Added enemy Spawn pods. Enemies now come in more sustained waves.
New gameplay for Sector 3 . "Electro-Fryer"
New gameplay for Sector 2 . "Blaster"
New gameplay for Sector 1 . "Smashers"
New Enemy Tank - Quad barrels!
New Weapon - RailGun.
Added 3 types of doors: switched, switch timed and automatic.
Added new Graphics options page for mobile devices.
Network code optimised.
Added and optimised Dynamic light system (performance warning).
Optimised Particle Systems.
Added new VFX to Grenades and Plasma Bolts.
Fixed grenade bug in multiplayer.
New Shield FX.
New Exit FX.
Implemented Player Spawn FX.
BounceBots turrets now function in multiplayer.
Enemy turrets now function in multiplayer.
Enemy AI Tanks now function in multiplayer.
Enemy Spinners now function in multiplayer.
Warcoins now collectable in multiplayer.
Fixed server crash bug (Spinner audio related!?)
Added support for point lights.
Exit Trolls now larger and more intimidating :).
Vignette is now available in options.
*Genres: Tank Hero, Tank Rider, Battlezone, Tank Recon, Atari Combat, Bomberman, nexus 7, Duke Nukem, Doom, Cyber Sled, Tanx,

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