10 Jun 2013

Bugs jump boxes Jump Out

Bugs jump box http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

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The "Bugs jump box JumpOut is a puzzle game similar to Cut the Rope Depending on the situation, you need to control the slingshot, the worms eat the stars and help them home. Cute and colorful 2D graphics and simple operation, cheerful sound, it is worth a try. They are surrounded by a wall round! Their only hope is that they can firmly grasp the bottle, this looks like grasp at a straw in a hurricane! Surrounded by cunning trap, they look to the future and saw ... exports. These insects are fearless; they always face the danger, and has been shouting "Jump!" - a simple and intuitive control! - Based on the physical setting of the cool gameplay! - Perfect game screen! - The wonderful soundtrack and real narration! - All with unique abilities and skills role! - 140 levels! - 30 achievements to unlock 30 additional bonus levels!

Bugs jump box http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

Bugs jump box http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/


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