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14 Jun 2013

drag racing

Download free drag racing hd

The exciting racing game with a large selection of cars and over 81 million enthusiastic players. We guarantee regular updates with new features!
- Drive your dream car at half or quarter mile. Over 50 licensed cars including the officially registered Hennessey Venom GT ™ are available.
- Play offline in career mode or online against any player or against your friends. Or show your skills in 11 professional leagues, where you compete against up to 9 other drivers in real time.
- Take advantage of the numerous upgrades and tuning option to individually tune your transitions and to improve the performance of your car
TIPS ** **
0 Update
- Wagon, points, money is stored locally on your device. Please delete the game NEVER before an update, otherwise you will lose ALL your data
1 General
- As you start to speed display and the color indicators of the instrument panel. Best possible value depends on the type of vehicle and its upgrades
- Kavalierstart: Watch out for a decent wheel slip when starting (orange indicator)
- During acceleration, try to find the best switching points (not always in the green range)
- Nitro is effective for cars with low power and strong coupling
- Kill for a better driving feel the vibration in the settings
2 Cars
- Use before purchasing a car the test drive
- Upgrades do not increase the resale value of a car, tuning
- Not always is a full featured car also the best of its levels
- Tuning: Manual change of the transmission gear ratios kostest lot of money, but it allows to drive the best possible times
3 Modes
Drive to earn compared to the beginning of amateur computer opponents quick money -
- Defeat bosses or levels online against other players to win additional money and respect points
- If you does not have a competitive car, try the Driver's Battle mode
- If you are optimally equipped compete against the best players in the professional league or trying to improve one of over 400 recorded world records!
4 Relief
- Lots of News & Tips are in our great community. Would you like to meet other players and teams and share the latest game tactics and Tunes world? Errors or suggestions or report? -> About our community at / drag racing game and in our official forum you reach us directly
- If the game cause problems on your smartphone / tablet, reboot your device and use the Task Manager to stop unnecessary programs in the background
5 Other
- Compatible with current Android-Smartphones/-Tablets
- Optimized XPERIA
- This app is App2SD compatible and has little internal memory
«Drag Racing inexperienced gamers will start right away. Despite many settings you can get started right away ... a game that's addictive ... Opportunities for advancement and the hunt for the best drive a car from race to race. The large selection of models, the racing classes and especially the reliable running online mode provide for long lasting fun "- Akin Yilmaz,
"With such a large selection of cars, virtually unlimited number of enemies and incredible amount of upgrade options, we are sure that you will like this game" - J. Cabebe,
"Very exciting game with numerous upgrades ... well-constructed and developed race simulator, the car fans and will lead back to play again" - M. Brook, Life of Android
"Drag racing offers many great cars, extensive upgrading and tuning opportunities and exciting race" - Th White Bacher,

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