19 May 2013

Hockey Fighting

Hockey Fighting http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

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Hockey Fighting this is not a hockey game, but an Android platform action game, in this game, you will no longer pick up their sticks to hit the ball the door, but to use their fists crack down on opponents. Hockey Fighting, you need to play your violent tendencies and skills to do their utmost to your opponent down to the ground. Every player on the pitch has its own variety of fighting properties, such as strength, speed, defense capability. Includes two game modes: Championship mode and quick game modes.

Hockey Fighting  http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

Hockey Fighting  http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

18 May 2013

Swing Monkey

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Swing Monkey - apk game for Android 2.1 A fun arcade game where you will be in the role of a monkey. Travel through different beautiful worlds, collect bananas and bonuses, try not to fall into the abyss and get to his beloved.

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System Requirements: Android 1.6 or later
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17 May 2013

Adobe ® Photoshop ® Touch

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Adobe ® Photoshop ® Touch is designed specifically for the tablet machine version, support layer, select, adjust, filter and brush, brush, eraser, select a different tool, you can select an image from local storage or directly Use the camera shooting for photos. With touch operation allows edge adjustment, regional selection and other functions easier to use.

The software supports up to 1600 x 1600 pixels image editing, from cloud storage for a complete image or layer, modify the results can also be shared through cloud services or other network.
The v1.4.1 pay generic version:
• New support • Optimized user interface for 7-inch DEVICES (minimum screen resolution 1024x600)
• Smoother Brush Strokes
• Two new Effects: Lens Flare (under "&" menu) and Stamp Pattern
• Improved grid layout for Projects, tutorials, and Images
for Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and other registered apps
• Quick access to the last 5 colors with new shortcut (drag down on Color)
• Various bug fixes
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photoshop these days almost no people do not know it, ps Android phone out for some time, Adobe has launched a tablet version, but after oil changes can also be used on the phone, the market price of $ 9.99.

15 May 2013

Survival Race

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Life and death racing Survival Race HD Wixel Studio development of a racing game. In the game, players not to racing and opponents, but in hot pursuit behind piranha faster than anyone else. May be a little bit slower, will lose their lives. The game story design was quite dramatic, beautiful and fresh green plants, suddenly one day become a monster in cannibalism! The protagonist of the game is the winner of a 30-year-old Saudi roller cars All-Star Salem, and another has successfully cracked the man-eating plant NDA scientists Abu Ahmad, the two people to work together in these bloody Eating Plants, rescued the residents of the protected area, the a treacherous scene and speed passion, the kind of excitement can be imagined. The game mode of operation using the virtual keys by clicking on the appropriate button in the touch screen, players can control the direction of travel of the car. These vehicles can be upgraded to change the performance, so that it can better adapt to the crazy man-eating plants mouth run. Gorgeous scenes, realistic effects, bringing a sense of visual impact, to make the gaming experience more perfect!

Cool On Reviews 

Life and death racing Survival Race HD game screen Xiao Bian think good design, operation is relatively easy, but there is no kind of sense of the impact of the traditional racing game, sound is the need to strengthen.

Indestructible 2.0.1

"Tough fighting vehicles (Indestructible) driving tanks, guns loaded, to any chariot wreckage rolling in the dust. Exciting vehicle combat game Indestructible! Triumph in the pack! Tired of those boring monotony of farm management game yet? So in this full 3D multiplayer online shooter cool enjoyment! Here, you can team up to play or challenge your friends. Players can be more than 1000 kinds of different gear custom chariot, the game also includes 19 different skills. Game features: - Support for up to 4 people online competitive - contains 3 unique multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and resource collection. - Stunning high-definition images - advanced visual effects - massive unique items - a variety of high-powered weapons armed with rocket launchers, laser guns and automatic cannon your chariot! - Three arena - all set in the world after the catastrophe. With your latest build chariot fight! - Advanced physics engine - your chariot made ​​by rolling and strong drift amazing stunts! Version 2.0.1 update: 1 new models: the ghost! Can be invisible within a very short time , the highest level to raise the ceiling to 30 , earn more XP, coins and gold to complete daily challenges , now you can on your vehicle is equipped with consumables in a game, in order to improve performance 5, add a new weapon in the "custom" mount "menu to check it out , new map multiplayer matches. tropical island! Remember, the vehicle can not be flooded

Cricket T20 Fever

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Cricket is a sport popular in the Commonwealth countries, especially in South Asia, such as India and Pakistan, is a popular event, can be described as universal cricket.

Cricket T20 Fever (avid cricket 20) is a more powerful 3D cricket games, through it, you can enjoy high-definition 3D graphical interface. Game available for you to participate in a number of competitions.

  • Game features:
  • Combined with the real movement of the game animation and physical properties;
  • Game control is simple;
  • Six different types of venues, including the House of Lords, and Eden Gardens;
  • Multiple game modes: Quick mode, challenge mode and race mode;
  • Eight of the world's top teams for you to choose;
  • Can appreciate the performances to the cheerleaders.

14 May 2013

Kick soccer

Download free kick soccer

 Requirements: 2.1+
 How to Play:
 Swipe to adjust the direction of the ball while it is in the air
 Gesture a curve on the screen to curve the ball
 2 Player Mode (Pass and Play on one phone)
 Easy to use on-screen controls
 Amazing 3D visuals and immersive sound 

Overview: Champions aren't born. They're made. Do you have what it takes to be the Soccer Superstar? Play Soccer Kicks, the most intense free-kick soccer game to practice your free-kick skills on Android. This game will give you the highest level of complete control and pinpoint accuracy.

PURE PASSION. TRUE INTENSITY. Experience the free-kick action of your favorite 3D soccer game like no other!

Flick the ball to kick it out

 Three intense game modes: Target, Timed and Practice

oven break

Download free oven break

Ginger mana€™s grand escape adventure, OvenBreak!
One of App storea€™s most popular games has finally landed on Google play!
Our crunchy cookie hero, Ginger man, wakes in the witcha€™s magic oven.
Help him break out of the oven !
Once you start running, you can’t stop!
Get as far as the stars, jump over holes, slide under creamy traps, hook your candy cane into helpful objects!
It all looks cute, but don’t forget: you are running for your life. Don’t die on a plate, next to a glass of milk.
The whole world plays OvenBreak: now, ita€™s your turn!
- Slide (right button) : Slide under large obstacles
- Jump/swing (right button) : Press the right button while jumping, Ginger man will swing up his candy cane
- Basic Jellabean : Get a higher score.
- Alphabet Jellabean : Complete the word FREEDOM and gain bonus life and extra points.
- Super Jellabean : Get 2,000 super points.
There are different graphics for different modes. See how they’re different as you run from the kitchen to space!
Experience the grand escape of whole new OvenBreak right now!

✔Addictive and super easy controls!

- Jump (left button) : Jump over collapsed paths.

✔Collect Jellabeans!

✔Various Modes

Play from easy mode to hard mode, and enjoy the special infinite mode~

13 May 2013

warscape alpha

Developers: FUTURE-B Games 

Warscape Alpha. 60 levels of single and multi player Hovertank action!!
Pilot your hover tank and battle your way through 60 levels of enemy filled arenas.
Full cross-platform multiplayer support for up to four players. Online/LAN/Wifi/Mobile. (Multi player is in final BETA testing stages and fully operational)
Pick up new weapons and bonuses during battle to defeat, outrun and confuse your enemy.
Collect Warcoins and Trophies to upgrade and purchase new models of hover tank.
Unlock FPS mode by completing all sectors.
Take your prize hovertanks earned in single player in to battle against multiplayer friends and foe.
Full cross platform mulit player play! Android vs IOS vs Mac vs Windows, at last you can make them pay!
Ongoing support with new levels, enemies and weapons on the way.
The PC and MAC Versions are free when you purchase the android version. Please contact us for download links.
* Game requires a screen resolution of at least 480x800 pixels
** Advanced graphics settings are found in Settings -> Video Settings. If you use a tegra powered device, turn them all on.
*** Virtual joypads are available via Settings menu.
Changelog v1.2 2012.07.31
Added enemy Spawn pods. Enemies now come in more sustained waves.
New gameplay for Sector 3 . "Electro-Fryer"
New gameplay for Sector 2 . "Blaster"
New gameplay for Sector 1 . "Smashers"
New Enemy Tank - Quad barrels!
New Weapon - RailGun.
Added 3 types of doors: switched, switch timed and automatic.
Added new Graphics options page for mobile devices.
Network code optimised.
Added and optimised Dynamic light system (performance warning).
Optimised Particle Systems.
Added new VFX to Grenades and Plasma Bolts.
Fixed grenade bug in multiplayer.
New Shield FX.
New Exit FX.
Implemented Player Spawn FX.
BounceBots turrets now function in multiplayer.
Enemy turrets now function in multiplayer.
Enemy AI Tanks now function in multiplayer.
Enemy Spinners now function in multiplayer.
Warcoins now collectable in multiplayer.
Fixed server crash bug (Spinner audio related!?)
Added support for point lights.
Exit Trolls now larger and more intimidating :).
Vignette is now available in options.
*Genres: Tank Hero, Tank Rider, Battlezone, Tank Recon, Atari Combat, Bomberman, nexus 7, Duke Nukem, Doom, Cyber Sled, Tanx,

10 May 2013

Happy fish

Download free happy fish 

From Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk 2.0 Apk Apps (2.0). Read more … » the makers of the #1 aquarium game on Facebook, comes the cutest and most addicting fishbowl app you’ll ever play!
Over XX types of fun and adorable sealife ranging from panda fish to giant whales, to feed, play with and collect!
Feed your fish and watch them produce treasure and coins you can use to access even more fish for your fishbowl! Each creature has a unique personality that really comes alive when you play with it!
The game features over 80 levels of game play and two exciting mini-games! You can also earn cool medals you can show off to friends as you gain more experience and level up!
You can play alone or with friends, online or offline!
You’ll be blown away by the beautiful graphics, unbelievable cute sea-creatures, and simple but delightful gameplay!
Happy Fish is frequently updated with new animals and features!

jump man

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City Jump (Jump City) - a game in which you will need to perform a mysterious mission, to be exact - jumping of buildings, climb as high as you can. But do not forget that there are obstacles in the game, on the walls, which are required to be avoided. You will need to kill the birds monsters and a variety of

enemies, you get on your way. Killing three enemies in a row of one kind, You get super strength

8 May 2013

Alien Boxing Lite

Alien Boxing Lite http://skyandroidapk.blogspot.com/

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Fan of this genre are going to have a blast with Boxing Final. Set in cute cartoonized graphics, Boxing Final is 1 of those games that test your responsiveness: protect, evade and punch to the speed of light

6 May 2013

Airport Mania 2

Return to the skies in this sequel to the  app store hit game Airport Mania!Return to the skies and visit incredible destinations in this amazing sequel to the 2009  app store hit game Airport Mania!

Airport Mania 2 takes you on a journey like no other as you tackle airports from the North Pole to the Moon, and encounter a whole new set of aircraft including space ships and military jets! You’ll also see some of your old favorites in totally new ways like being retrofitted with pontoons for water landings! As with the first game, Airport Mania 2 was made to make you smile! Featuring a whimsical appeal that everyone who is a child at heart can enjoy, and intensely fast and challenging game play, Airport Mania 2 is your one-way ticket to fun


5 May 2013

100 Doors 2013

The Sequel Of The 1 Of The Most popular puzzle Game 100 Doors Advance To The Next Floor By Solving The Puzzle
Unlock The Door To Get The Next Level.
To Do That, Pinch, Poke, Shake, Tilt, Swipe The On-Screen Images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.
You Can Pick certain items up and use them from your inventory

Aces Jewel Hunt

Capture jewels with this gem swapping game! Line up matching jewels to capture them, or if you're stuck use a special like the spear or vine. The statistics make it fun and easy to track your wealth. Enjoy fantastic graphics and entertaining sound effects while capturing heaps of jewels best amazing is

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