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14 Jun 2013

Air attack HD

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The Second World War is also after such a long time is still a popular scenario for consoles and video games. It is therefore hardly surprising that the battles of yesteryear take place on Android devices. The developers of AirAttack HD have decided to leverage the air battles of World War II and this set the scene in 3D look. We tried AirAttack HD and were initially curious if that so often overused background theme is only fit as a backdrop for new games.

Functionality & Design
In AirAttack HD is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game in which the player embarks on a board of two different fighter aircraft of the Allied forces and has to contend with through eight different missions. For the armament aboard his aircraft various can be collected throughout the game, which, for example, can increase the firepower. And this is necessary because the 58 different enemies of the Axis fire on all cylinders to bring the aircraft along with pilots from the sky. To breathe out his life too soon, it may be useful to make the destructibility of buildings and bridges advantage.
At the end of each mission, a powerful boss is waiting to be sent from the player to the happy hunting grounds. This, of course, easier said than it is, especially since the Axis can throw even a spaceship to battle. As players of AirAttack HD of course have different abilities and preferences have the developers in addition to three different levels of difficulty implemented four different control options

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