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13 Jun 2013

Egypt Zuma

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Game description

Egypt Zuma temple of Anubis is a the Egypt theme of Zuma style game, simple but very addictive!
The gameplay is simple and clear, your goal is to eliminate all the colored balls and create more combos, chains and through
1. Tap the screen to shoot colored balls
2. Injection ball to form three or more of the same color connected to the state of the ball can be removed
3 Click the ball twice transmitter can be replaced the wings color corresponding to the ball
player continuous play ball eliminate, "batter", plus incentives.
Number of chain triggered by an elimination behavior elimination of "chain", plus incentives.
"Eliminate" the action, disappeared bead beads will make a short fault, if the player from the fault injection beads and the "elimination" action, this action will be referred to as "crossing", plus incentives.
1 simple operation - for players of all ages, this game is very simple.
2 stunning scenes - with five different scenarios (Oasis, ruins, temples, graves, treasure room), 180 carefully designed levels.
Rich play - this game has the original version of Zuma's Revenge types of rotating transmitter play and Luxor (Luxor - Egypt Zuma) "pan-launch games are played, the play is more diverse.
4 super props - props ball lightning, bombs, magic up to 10, more colorful picture of the game effect more challenging.
Growth - the players in the game will randomly get money, this part of the money can be used to buy props maybe upgrade to make it easier for you clearance and get a higher score


1 Fixed small bug
If you like our game, please use the Google +1 concerned about this game, and give us five stars!

Cool On Reviews

Classic Zuma game we do not egg b, which Egypt Zuma temple of Anubis is a little harder to play with, the people behind vertigo.

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