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14 Jun 2013

rule the kingdom

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Prolific publisher of city builder titles Game Insight is back with yet another very unique twist on the city builder genre called Rule the Kingdom. This time around, Game Insight took the mashup approach to gaming and produced a city builder with RPG style conquests and a little medieval fantasy all rolled up into one.
You’ll start the game by building out your kingdom, but the goal is very different from previous Game Insight titles. Your kingdom exists to buy, train and feed your workers and your soldiers, and you’ll need the best soldiers and goblins that money can buy as you travel the map on the more than 1,000 conquests and battles that the game offers.

How it works

 Rule the Kingdom is 2 parts RPG, 1 part city builder wrapped up in a medieval fantasy story about the Lord or Lady of the kingdom. Your game begins in the tutorial phase where you’ll be guided through reclaiming your kingdom after it was overrun by monsters. You must reclaim and rebuild your kingdom, unite rival kingdoms for your fights, and clear the woods and villages of all sorts of monsters. The game offers over 1,000 battles in a total of 12 levels, and you’ll meet all different types of enemies along the way.

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